Friday, November 30, 2007

TV Journal 5

TV journal assy. 5

What I admire the most about Matt Groening is the simplicity behing The Simpsons. By putting a everybody like family at the big screen, it was not surprising that most of the events in this show seems possible. And despite the fack that this family is pure fiction, for those of us who can related to them or by a similitude with someone’s we know are thinking about The Simpsons as they really exist.

If I recall the first time I watch the show in English, my knowledge of this language was mostly functional. Since I watch a lot of the French episodes and I knew by heart the action and replica of the characters, I was just learning English trough the English episodes. Since then, my English abilities grew up and let me gain confidence in my speaking. I even start to write some texts, mostly French to English translation or scripts.

So, I can say what was the 10 new words I learn, since that appends almost 10 years ago.
But what I could say is The Simpsons is a good way to interest student to understand English since the show is about funny stories serve on a good moral ending.

Friday, November 2, 2007

Emission Impossible, episode 11

After helping Lois cousin to deliver a baby, Peter and Lois decided to have one of their own. When Stewie heard the news, this new member of the family threatened him.

They are not pushing me a side as I am the baby of this family, and I made the wish in front of God that Lois and Peter shall never procreated. But this task seems a little bit challenging. First, I thought that simple interruption will do it, but they where using more and more strategy to that game. So, I decide to put some lipstick and kiss the shirt of Peter to make Lois jealous and refuse to have sex with him. But she caught me doing it and I get grounded and humiliated in front of Brian. When I think of it, dam that I look good with lipstick!!!! After another unsuccessful attempts to stop them procreated was by using a full-scale robot imitation of Peter. Then I realized that trying to stop people from doing-it is al lot of wok, as the Catholic Church had find out …
My last chance was by stopping it from the inside, so I created a vessel that could be reduce to the size of a sperm. Then I enter the body of Peter and I flew through is blood system to the testicle perimeter. It was a terrible battle, as I destroy every ones of them, but some one hit me in the back, and we when out of munitions. We connected our vessel and we exchange in persons our "opinions" as they says. After getting a nap from a mutual sleeping grip, when really gets together on many subjects, especially about Lois.
I made a new friend, and now the idea about having another baby made me enthusiastic about the future. I manage to escape just in time before re-expansion of my ship, but when I got out, Peter and Lois decided to abort the project, based upon the good time they have spent together trying to do it. I had to make them doing it, but it was to late, Peter when to the bathroom " emptying " is pocket. I taught that my future brother was gone, but i see the sparkle in Peter’s eye, as he told me while we were inside.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Mr. Griffin goes to Washington

Family Guy
Episode 3
Mr. Griffin goes to Washington

This episode is one of the politically correct ones this season. When the company where Peter is works, HGL Toys, was taken over by a tobacco conglomerate, his boss got fired. Then the new management wanted to sent Peter to Washington to be the spokeperson for the tobacco industry. The parallel is so obvious when the big fat man with no manners brought the major congressman to a strip club. Peter made a true connection with "those fat cats", and got them to vote against a law restricting Tobacco companies from selling their cigarettes to children. The subject is very contemporary, and the way it is exposed clearly made Family Guy a great tribute to promote the non-smoking campaign. All the members of the family got special treatment while Peter was president. Even Meg got a fake ugly friend to make her look good by comparison. But when Stewi got addicted to cigarettes, Peter changed his mind and exposed the truth about his company.

The live interaction between Alyssa Milano, asking her lawyer to sue the series when Peter said something humiliating about her, gives this episode a new catch. Other comparison or personification appear in this episode, but are really based upon older TV shows that I don’t even recall.

Monday, September 3, 2007

Series description

Family Guy

Sure, animation cartoons seem a little childish, but isn’t it trought them that we grew up ? From Looney Tunes to The Simpsons, all countries around the world know about these Caracters and can relate to them. As a fan since day one of the series, I’m pretty sure to be able to find something new about this family.

Maybe Family Guy just sits in the shadows of The Simpsons, but when you compare the Caracters, and the fact that most of time, fiction melts with reality, the Family Guy stands alone as a more adult cartoon. The action takes place in a typical East Coast city near Boston, Quaog.
All the main Caracters are in the Griffin family; Peter as the dad, Loïs as the mother and ther children; Chris (14yrs), Meg (16yrs) and Stewie (2yrs). As for the story itself, most of the time there is a conflict, an adjustment or simply extraordinary adventures. The two Caracters who are in eternal confrontation are Loïs and Stewie. Stewie refuses to be dependant on his mother, and therfore tries to kill her. Its not "kill" as murder, but more growing up as a young boy who enventually overcomes his childhood. Peter always gets screw up in particular adventures, depending on the story. And, as for Chris and Meg, they get involved or get their spots sometime. And the one caracter who clearly separate the Griffins from The Simpsons, is Brian the talking dog. This dog represents all the good sense and the adult mind of the show.